Saturday, May 24, 2014

Just a little update

I haven't been here for awhile, mostly posting on my other page She Who Doodles.  But thought it time to post a little update. 

I'm not just doing doodles exclusively, but now that I am retired I've been combining my mixed media with doodles.  Here are a few photos of my recent work.

This is a mixed media recycled frame embellished with vintage buttons and holding one of my original doodles.  This is currently hanging in Gallery 360 in Downtown Vancouver.
Also a recycled picture frame with original hand drawn doodles.  Although this came from the thrift store it was in really good shape and all it needed was a doodle. 

This frame is totally covered with handmade papers and embellished with buttons.  It is also a recycled frame with a black metal easel and legs.

My first table, also covered with handmade papers then doodled.  The legs are painted gold with a little color accents the distressed in a brown.  Also recycled. 

Love working on the recycled pieces.  You have to work with what you have.  Some need a little repair, some just need some slight changes and maybe a doodle. 

I just updated my Events page if you'd like to see me and my work this summer.  I'll be in the Vancouver area and over in Oregon.  Nothing to far from home.  I'd really like to venture a little farther away but need to increase my sales a bit before I can afford to travel much with my art. 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Collage

I've been looking at all these little scraps of wood for a while trying to figure out what I was going to do with them.  Finally decided to try this.
I laid them out on a piece of paper and played with the arrangement till I got what looked good to me.  Then added several mini canvas frames, even cut one block in half to get different heights.   Once I was satisfied with the the layout I drew around each block and numbered them and the space on the paper.  I knew when I started working on them I'd forget exactly where they fit in.  I then covered each with a coat of Gesso top and sides.

Then the fun began.  Covering each with a layer of paper, or papers and looking for stuff to embellish the collage. 
 I covered each block with paper top and some sides.  I laid out a few embellishments to try.  The next step was to make each a mini collage.   More paper was added to some along with tulle, ribbon, magazine clippings, straw and even a couple of ceramic tiles.

I finished each block with a little distressing around the edges. 

I think I will title it A Day at Home.

I still haven't figured out how to mount it, they aren't connected  permanently yet. 

I'd forgotten what it was like working on collage,  I have several projects in the works at the same time, while one is drying I can work on another since they all take some of the same materials.

Now off to visit my sister.  Since she was moved a little further away tot a new  Alzheimer facility it hasn't been so easy to get out to see her.  But since I have week days to visit now it makes it a lot easier.  Of course I will pick up a supply of chocolate to take with me, she is such a chocolate lover. 

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm Published

Exciting, can't tell you how excited I am.  The Sep/Oct issue of Cloth Paper Scissors has printed an article about me with photos of my doodles. 

Here's a peek.
Check it out, it should be on the news stands shortly. 



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thrift Store Frames

Another batch of thrift store finds to recycle.
  As they were.

On to the next stage.
 A little collage, paper, tulle.

                                      My intention was to doodle on them, but this one took on a life of it's own.   Starting with a layer of printed collage paper then a little fine tulle, then some more course tulle.  Then I found this gold paper in my stash.  I'm not finished yet, but it needs to dry before I can continue.  

I'm loving this time to be creative.  So many more ideas,  tomorrow is the first of my last two days at my old day job.  I've been Office Manager for Supreme Perlite Company for 10 years.  The longest I stayed at any job.  Now it's my time.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This is so awesome, I haven't had time to post much lately.  I've missed so many What's On Your Workdesk Wednesdays.  It's always fun to share and see what everyone else is up to.  Check out Julia's over at Stamping Ground.

 Two projects at once.  Collaged and doodled picture frames, and bird houses to be painted and doodled.   With Holiday Markets creeping up I need to get more gift items ready.

I am so enjoying my time off, only two more days of work next week then I will be retired.  Time to do what brings me pleasure, time to work for myself.  I have so many project I want to do, I must stay away from Pinterest till I get caught up a bit.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday, I'm headed out shortly for a bike ride with my grandson.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finding Time for Collage Again

My working days are slowing coming to an end.  I only worked two days this week so finally finding  time to work on some new collage cards.  They seem to be selling well this summer at the outdoor markets and fairs.  

Although I do need a few more work days this month I'm finding I really would rather be home doing my art.  My replacement is doing really good so I don't feel the need to be there everyday.

The transition is a bit disconcerting, I'm just not use to time for myself.  Although I am busy keeping up with doodling for the sales.  I'm already booking into the fall and the holidays.  

I need to start looking ahead, now that I will have the time and will need the additional income, it's time to make plans for getting my stuff into some shops.  I'd also like to teach some art classes.  

Lot's to think about, plans to make.  

Here's a peek at my work desk today.  


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Closer to Retirement

I still can't believe it is happening.  Today is the first day of slowly quitting full time work.  I will be cutting back a couple days a week and be finished by the end of August.  Then maybe back up for vacations now and then.  I will finally have time to do my art. 

Besides doodling I haven't had time for anything else for some time now.   The ideas for other projects are starting to fill this muddled head.   It's been so long since i worked on a collage, or did anything with fabric.  I enjoy the doodling but I miss the depth and time it takes to create something more extensive. 

It's a beautiful day here in the Northwest, I even had time for a leisure walk, well leisure as in I had the time, I am not a stroller, I walk at a pretty good pace.  But today I had the time to go a little farther,  observe a little more.  I passed this tree with beautiful fuzzy pink blossoms, not sure what it is, do you know?
 I even watch an eagle soar overhead, and finally made it home. 
Lots to do today, trying to make to do list so I can stay on top of my projects and art sales.  New Doodle Color Book to photo and post to Etsy,  a new tattoo design to bag and label and a custom doodle tattoo to work on.  And a collage that is calling my name to come finish. 

Enjoy your day. 

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