Saturday, March 27, 2010

Painting Class

Last weekend I flew to CA to take a weekend painting class with Chris Zydel, "Painting from the Wild Heart" ( and it was amazing.  It was so much more then just a painting class.  I came home with new friends and a new creative direction. 

I had been doing watercolor collage for about 12 years now and was not getting the pleasure I once had with the medium.  At first when I discovered the medium I loved it, ever color that blended with the next when I did the wash excited me.  I love the way the colors come together.  Then tearing the paper to create my design, the act of tearing and not knowing what the shape will be then arranging it on hand made papers.  The whole process had meaning, my life was changing and going in new directions.  Every piece I created was therapy.  But now, it's become mechanical, there isn't the meaning and the heart there anymore.  It was time for a new direction and Chris' class gave me that. 

I'm painting, and loving it.  For me it's all about the color and it feels so good just putting the paint on the canvas and seeing where it takes me. 

I need more paint, more colors.  I finished one new piece already and have started the second.  I will take some photos today and post them. 

Photos by Chris Zydel.
I came home from CA so excited and rejuvenated.  I would recommend Chris' class to anyone.  She just helps you open your heart and mind to possibilities.  No special painting technique or any judgement.  Plus marvelous food, guidance and friends to share with.  

Back soon.

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