Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Sewing Project

 I just finished a simple little apron for my daughter. It's been years since I made an apron. I think it was one of my first sewing projects in Home Economics back in grade school. I feel like I've come full circle.

The photo doesn't show the true colors, it is really bright, multi colored with a lime green dot on the reverse side. It's a simple little design, a square, with ties. I used a contrasting fabric for the backing and turned the top corner down. Then used the contrasting fabric for the pocket. I found some really cool, orange polka dot buttons to finish it off.

It was a fun afternoon project. It's always pleasureable to sit down and complete an entire project in one day. Sewing is as good as meditating for me. I lose site of everything else.

I have to admit I was listening to ABBA's Greatest Hits while sewing. I had Super Trooper in my head for days.

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