Monday, April 26, 2010

Fiber Art Collage Project

Well I finally started my collage from the fabric I had gathered last week.  After finding some embellishments, ribbon, buttons and other miscellaneous trims I began with a 20" x 8" piece of very stiff interfacing fabric I had left from a garment I made some years ago.   

I'm sorry the colors don't show up better in the picture, all I had handy was my cell phone.  The colors are golds, oranges, greens and other earthy tones with a little added dark red taffeta.  The fabrics are mostly decorator fabric I had left from a footstool I covered, a rocking chair cover, curtains and pillows. 

I bought a new machine a couple of months ago so I've played with some of the decorative stitches to sew them down to the backing.  Some trim and buttons have been added. 

It's really fun playing with the layout.  Mixing the colors and patterns.  Then laying the trim out.  I sewed each piece of the fabric patches with different stitches and thread colors.  I made several rows of a flower chain stitch and used a zigzag around one patch.  I cut small squares of 2 different taffeta fabric under the buttons. 

I'm anxious to get back to the collage this evening.  I have some more embellishing ideas to lay out.  Then I think before my next project I need to find a new camera, it seems that my cell phone has more pixels then my camera.   

Back soon.

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