Friday, April 16, 2010


What can I say, it's Friday,  that means the weekend is upon us.  Time to create something.  Not sure what it will be but I have a small canvas 8" x 8" on my craft table and a painting started on my sewing table.

I also found some fabric I thought could be another project, I was thinking of a collage using fabric, stitches, trim, buttons and whatever I can find.  Since I decided to submit an entry in a juried fiber arts show this summer I've been searching for ideas.  I found an interesting array of fabric to start with I just need to gather some embellishments then I think I'm ready to go. 

I like having more then one project to work on at a time.  You always reach a point where you need to stand back, re-evaluate where you are going.  So it's nice to have something else to move on to.  The only problem is the lack of space, there is never enought room for all the projects.  I guess I can always dream of a larger studio space. 

Back soon.

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