Monday, April 19, 2010

A Great Weekend

The weekend came and went so fast but I really enjoyed every minute.  I got to do two of my favorite things this weekend, shop at the nursery for plants and cruise the craft store for more treasures to add to my collages.  Found some really great embellishments for the fabric project I posted last week.  Some really cool ribbons.  So now I can start working on it.  I also found  Temporary Fabric Spray And Fix Adhesive, a new product to me, that you can use to secure the layers together but still reposition if necessary. Yeah....
I also did a little painting, although I'm not overwhelmed with the piece.  I started the background a couple weeks ago and by the time I got back to it I was anxious to start something else.  I took the picture with my cell phone so not as sharp as it could be but you'll get the idea.  It's still nice and bright like I like my paintings. 

Oh, and I did get a pot of succulents planted and my replacement Jasmine.  We lost our Jasmine this winter and I do love the smell in the summer when I step out on the patio on a warm evening.   So I am feeling the usual body aches today that come with digging and bending to plant.  But hey, it's Monday.  

Back soon,

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