Thursday, April 8, 2010

Watercolor Collage

 These are a few of my most recent pieces of watercolor collage.  I've really enjoyed doing them over the years but it is time for a new direction so I want to post these on Etsy to sell.  

The first piece is watercolor wash and ribbon on purple hand made paper then mounted on a corregated poster board.  I always enjoy the red and purples together, and I like the way that some of the hand made papers tear so unevenly.   It's all about the color for me, and seeing the colors weave together. 

I like to lay my papers out all over the floor and shuffle them around till colors come together that strike me. I never set out to do anything specific, it's all what comes together. 

This piece is again a watercolor wash, woven on hand made paper, then mounted on black poster board.  I really like using the black behind my collages.  It provides such a contrast to the colors of the weaving.   I do use a water color paper for the wash, which leaves a white edge when torn. 

I always have my eye open for new hand made papers when I'm shopping.  You never know where you might find something really unique.  This piece uses a really interesting purple fiber type paper, with almost a lacey look to it.   The back ground is a dark grey poster board.   These 3 pieces are all 11" x 14". 

I will have these posted for sell on my Etsy account shortly.  I have a few larger framed pieces that I will also post.  I need to make room for my next projects. 

Back soon. 

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