Friday, May 21, 2010

Cross Training

Cross training - that's a scary word to someone my age.   When the kids were younger it must have meant doing the wash one day then vacuuming the next.   Today it means pulling weeds in the garden then surfing the Internet tomorrow.   Right?  Well not according to my marathon running daughter. 

Anyway,  I started walking every morning several months ago.  A nice 20 minute walk around my neighborhood before work.  It was great to see the flowers popping up, the smell of clothes drying, the birds flying about and all the different chirping sounds, and the occasional aroma of breakfast cooking.  Then  I bought some new walking shoes.  I had been looking at those new Sketchers that were on the market with the thick round sole.  I thought they were just another gimmick until my Honey's therapist recommended them for him.  He had recently had his ankle fused and was in therapy.  So I figured there was some merit to the shoes ads.

So I bought the shoes and you know we can't just wear any old tie up shoe, it's got to have some style so I bought a cute little (?) mary jane style Sketcher Shape Ups.   My nice little walk turned in to a major work out.  But you should see my butt and thighs.

So my daughter and her husband (the marathon runner and the bicycler), are not sold on these knew shoes I bought,  they're skeptical.   OK, so now the cross training part comes in.  They suggested I alternate shoes different days, I say "kinda like cross training?".  Makes sense, so I use different muscles.  This meant another pair of shoes cause my old walking tennis shoes are kinda shot.  So I got this cute pair of Merrell Siren Cassia.  A cute open style with baby blue trim on a nice light grayish tan suede. 

This exercising thing is about the apparel, shoes most importantly.  But back to where I started.  I walk a couple of days in my Sketchers and a day in my Merrells.  I am now cross training.  So this is what it is all about.  This is easy, at my age I am now officially cross training.  Yeah!  Maybe I'm not as old as I thought. 

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