Monday, May 24, 2010

Experimenting Again

I've been experimenting with wire and beads lately and tried this little piece over the weekend.   I didn't start with any plan.  I had seen a piece in a magazine that had brushed a wash of Gesso over some pieces of
colored tissue paper.  So that is were I started. 

It  changed the bold colors to a pastel and the tissue bled a bit into the Gesso.  I also had some white netting (Tulle) I wanted to try, so  I laid a piece over one side.  After each step I walked away, because I wasn't sure  where I was going next.   Besides it needed to dry before I added something else.  
After I added the buttons, I sprinkled some pearl glitter along the side.  Then decided to try the wire.  I used a needle to poke a hole thru the button to the back of the canvas.  Then pushed a piece of wire thru and twisted it on the back so it wouldn't pull thru.  I wrapped the wire, extending out the top of the button, around a small brush handle, added a bead and pushed it back thru another button to the back of the canvas.  I have a tub of miscellanous colors and sizes of recycled glass beads I like to use. 

I added a verse and some torn strips of watercolor paper, then finished the side of the mounted canvas with a silver paint.   Im not sure I like the silver paint, I may change it to one of the colors in the collage.  I used silver jewelry wire.  The collage is on a 8" x 10" canvas.  I like working with this size, with about 1- 1/2 inch depth, so it can stand alone, and doesn't have to be hung. 

It's always a new journey with each collage.  I like the uncertainty of where each piece takes me.    

Now I need to get busy on another fabric collage the deadline for the entry into the juried show is only a few weeks away.

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Barbara said...

This is beautiful!

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