Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fabric Collage Progress

Well I made a little progress this last weekend but not as much as I had hoped.  I added some red spider webby ribbon then attached a couple small squares of fabric then topped with a buttons.  I thought the suede leaf strip on the side was kinda neat stuff.  I embellished it with strands of mixed beads of various colors.  They hang loose when the collage is hanging.  Also some ribbon is woven in and out of the leaves. 

I painted a piece of the stiff interfacing that I used on the back of the collage then stenciled a gold painted design.  This little green piece is attached with tiny little brads I found at Michael's. 

I need to put the backing on next then punch some holes to attach some hanging beads and a hangar. 

Anyway I think that's all I'm going to do, although I had an idea today to stamp some color dots or squares   across the bottom.  Maybe, I'll have to play with the paint on some sample fabric before I decide.  I would really like to incorporate some contrasting  bolder color yet. 

With collage you never really know where you are going till you get there.  You start with a base then work from there,  trying different ideas and placements.   Life is so similar to art,   this is why it is such great therapy.  

Back soon. 

1 comment:

iHanna said...

Your fabric collage looks very interesting, lots of different surfaces there - oh, and love the earth tones. I hope you'll show it once it is finished too. :-)

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