Thursday, May 20, 2010

Faux Headboard

Not only did I finally finish my fabric collage this last weekend but also a  small project for my daughters house.   She had just recently purchased a larger (king size) bed but did not have a headboard.  I remembered a project I had seen on one of those staging shows on HGTV.   It was a Faux Headboard, fabric covered canvases hung  in a row on the wall above the bed. 

We found a rust colored taffeta decorator fabric to staple to 18" x 24" artist canvas.  The only challenge was lining up the diamond pattern.  It would have been much easier if there hadn't been a pattern to deal with.  I started with a piece of stabilized batting the same size as the stretched canvas.  I lightly sprayed fabric glue on the canvas so the batting wouldn't shift while I stapled it. 

I cut the fabric almost 3 inches wider then the canvas on each side then laid it on top of the batting, on top of the canvas.  I lined up the diamond pattern so I could later center buttons.  I pinned the fabric lightly to the batting down the center before very carefully turning the entire project over.  

Then I carefully brought the fabric over the frame to the back side, and stapled to the the canvas.  I started in the center on one side and worked out.  Then moved to the opposite side doing the same.  Next I moved to one end, again stapling from the center out to the edge, tucking the corners in just like you would wrap a package.   I was carefull not to pull and stretch the fabric to much, to keep the pattern lined up with the edge of the frame.  It was a struggle to get all 4 panels lined up evenly so when I attached the buttons they came out matching.  I then finished each panel by sewing 4 - 3/4" buttons in the middle of the diamonds thru the fabric and the back of the canvas, pulling tight.       

We then hammered 2 picture frame hooks to the back top of each panel and mounted them on the wall just a little above the mattress.   I didn't want them to be hidden completely by the pillow shams.  I also used some UHU Glue Pads under each corner so the panels would not move around or come off the hooks. 
It was a fun and easy afternoon project.  My daughter was happy with the way the panels worked out.   The cost was a lot less then a king size headboard would have been. 

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discopalace said...

Looks very nice! I am thinking of doing something like this for my guest room. Thanks for the ideas!

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