Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm afraid of getting Alzheimer's, it's a scary place to go.  I feel it is inevitable for me.  My mother had it, my brother had it, and now my best friend, my sister has it.  Fortunately, my mother didn't have to suffer thru some of the nasty stages.   She fell and broke her hip and died 2 weeks later at 79.   My brother, suffered thur the entire nasty disease until he forgot how to swallow and starved to death. 

My brother was a photographer all his life, he won awards, and had pictures published. He was also a deeply religious person. He knew he had Alzheimer's and worked with his doctors to help starve the nasty disease off.  But I think he knew when he was loosing ground.  He picked up his bible one day and read it from beginning to end. From morning till night till he finished it. Then closed the book and never opened it again.  

I am frantic to cut, paste, sew, and paint till it is so much a part of me I will be able to create without knowing what I am doing.  I don't want to forget how to create, make art, bring colors and textures together, experiment with other mediums, add one more embellishment.  I figure if I keep at it, it will be such a natural part of me I will be able to create even when I can't remember who I am. 

My even bigger fear is for my daughters.  As a parent you always fear for you children's health and safety and don't ever want to see them suffer in any way.  I'm hoping their father's genes are stronger and win out over the Alzheimer's.   It's for them, that I donate a portion of all my sales to The Alzheimer's Association for research.   So I will keep creating as long as I can,  this will be my legacy to my daughters. 

One thing I have seen in my mother, brother and sister, the importance of staying active.  In mind and body.
Stay curious.  Search for new adventures, take risk, learn something new, don't be afraid to run with scissors.  Just don't stop. 

Just a little bit of me today.

Thanks for visiting.  I'll be back soon.


Becolorful said...

Interestingly enough my last post was also on Alzheimer's. My heart goes out to you. This is a hideous disease and it not the norm for it to run in families or that explains a only a small percentage of cases. We are all vulnerable and it will cripple our health care system. You are preaching to the choir with me but I appreciate every post our here that promotes the cause. Thank you for your honesty and the time you took to post this. Hugs to you,

Pamela Rosenberg said...

Thank you for your fun comment. I think I could have a lot of fun with that crown. :-)

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