Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Biz Trip

The boss, of my day job, sent me up to Fort Langley, BC this last weekend to attend an event one of our customers was having.  The area is beautiful.  I had not been very far east of Vancouver, BC before.   The Fort Langley area is farms, nurseries and wineries along the Fraser River. 

The event went well and we had a little time to wander Fort Langley, a beautiful little historic town  with great little shops and eateries along the river.   In the middle of the town was this house with a fascinating fence around the front yard.  I had to take a picture. 
It contained such an interesting array of old found objects.

With all the things I could have taken a picture of this is all I took.  I found it fascinating, and had to walk around the whole property to see what all they had used.   Each section contained different items, there was no repetition.   Pretty cool. 

Thanks for visiting.

Back soon.


Barbara Shallue said...

What a cool idea for a fence!

Jul said...

Love that fence.

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