Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fabric Collage Finished

Yeah!  My latest fabric collage is finished and submitted to the gallery.  Now I just have to wait to see if it is accepted.   

Kimono Fabric Collage by Cyndee Starr 30" x 24"

Just a little bit of the detail.  Lots of beads, buttons, some ribbon and decorative stitches.  And a pair of chop sticks tied together and mounted.  I had originally planned to hang the collage from chopsticks but that was before I decided on the kimono shape, so ended up using bamboo.  

Now on to the next project.

Thanks for  visiting.

Back soon.


Pamela Rosenberg said...

Stunning, really. I love the color choices and the pattern that you have created.

Thank you, too, for stopping by Becolorful and leaving such a thoughtful comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cyndee, your work is exquisite! I love your innate gift for pulling so many elements together to bring such a beautiful artwork to fruition. Cheers! from your paint-mate Sylvia.

Cynthia Eloise (Cyndee) said...

Thank you both, I really appreciate the positive feedback.

Craftgirl said...

Gorgeous work

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