Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ongoing Project

Sometime back my daughter bought a house at the beach.  In her efforts to keep  me from taking over and decorating the whole house, I did have some really good ideas,  she said I could do my bedroom.  So that's what I've been doing. 

It started with a nightstand I found in a consignment shop.  It was actually a microwave cart painted an ugly green with a towel rod and wheels.  I removed the wheels, which made it just the right height then did a little sanding and faux painting.   I used a piece of sponge cut into a small square to do the checked effect on the edge of the table top.  Then used a little gold paint brushed in the grooves and all the edges to give it a bit of a worn look. 

The next project was a small 3 legged table I wanted to try tiling the top.  I used the same colors as the first nightstand.  The tiles I found in a "by the pound" tile outlet and the table at a used furniture store. 

So my colors were set.  Light blue, green and a creamy yellow color and lots of gold accent.  Also a little lavender for contrast.

Then came the quilt.  I've made crib size quilts before but never a full bed size and this had to be a queen size.  I went for a "Shabby Chic" look using various pastels with white chenille trim and inserts.   I alternated the colored cotton squares with white chenille.  Then tied the squares with various colors of  embroidery thread.  Of course it came out bigger then I planned and unless it's a chilly night it is too warm for me to sleep under. 

I used the scraps from the quilt to make a couple of small throw pillows, one is patches of the cotton squares and the other, chenille with buttons and bows. 

Then I put 4 of my 8" x 8" collage samplers on the wall over the bed.  Using colors from the quilt and tables.  

The room still needed something so I made simple muslin curtains.   When I started the curtains I had just bought my new sewing machine and wanted to try out some of the embroidery stitches.  So I made several rows of different stitching across the bottom of the curtains using different colors.  I then sewed green and lavender ribbons to the top of the curtains to tie onto the black rod iron rings and hung them from a black rod. 

 I might be finished but maybe not.  

Thanks for visiting.

Back soon. 

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Barbara Shallue said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

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