Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Painting Again and More

I had some great time in my sewing room this weekend.   I finished a project, dabbled with another and started another fabric collage.  

I hadn't had a chance in weeks just to dabble with a paint brush but got to this weekend and here's the result.  

I really enjoy painting with nothing in mind just experimenting with color.  I think I finally realized why I enjoy doing this so much.  It's the sense of freedom I get when I start spreading bright colors on the canvas with no intended direction.   No little voices telling me how it should be, no landscapes, no people, nothing to frustrate me because it doesn't look like it is suppose too.  No stress,  I can totally get lost in the blending of colors.  Pure escapism.                               
Thanks for visiting. 

Back soon.

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Becolorful said...

It is fun to just jomp off and wonder where the colors will take you. I, though, usually have a feel for where I'd like to go but them sometimes i am surprised by how things are blending or something goes "wrong" but then that takes me in a whole better direction. Yes, I like not having a map. :)

Thanks for visiting. I liked your tweaking art like evening out a haircut analogy. So true.
Have a great weekend.

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