Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Enough Me Time

Now that I have my creative juices flowing I want to spend every minute I can creating something.  But when you have a day job it really cuts into the time to cut and paste and do all the stuff I love.  Now that summer is finally here there is even less time.  We just couldn't miss the little art and wine fair at the local winery this last weekend.  Then there's the garden that needed a few annuals to fill in, and who wants to cook on the weekend so we had to try the new Five Guys Burger place that just opened.  So there goes the weekend and what I thought was going to be some free me time in my sewing room. 

But all was not lost.  I did finish a small project which I evidently didn't get the photo downloaded but here's a shot of my newest project.  I thought I'd do a sewing themed collage, of course using fabric scraps, buttons, pins, needles,  maybe some safety pins and instead of beads I'm using some plastic bobbins I bought that are the wrong size for my machine.  I'll have to see what else my sewing supply drawer holds that might work into this piece.  Maybe a zipper or hooks and eyes, we'll see. 

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nanke's stuff said...

Very nice start. I like the colors and textures in it. Keep going! nancy

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean about finding the time--I have been actually getting the time this Summer as my husband is working days and I'm off during the time he's a work, but it still seems like I don't get to do as much creating as I would like. Hum... I gotta go try out the 5 Guys Burger place that opened a couple months ago here in my town. Cheers! Stephanie CED

Sharon said...

Nice colors!

& thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

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