Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer and Finished Projects

Hot is the word in our area this past weekend and today.  But it is beautiful.  We are finally getting summer here in the Northwest.  We had such a long wet spring this year.  Although it is mid July and things are still green.  It really makes it hard to stay indoors and create.  So I divided my time between both and still got a couple projects completed.  I only have 3 weekends left to get my collages done for the Art Fair I am doing on the coast later in August. 

Here are the results of this weekends creative time.  The first is a sewing themed collage I started several weeks ago.  The motivation was some bobbins I bought that were the wrong size but as you can see I didn't end up working them into the collage. 

I know it's hard to see the detail in these photos but I even made a mini quilt to attach to collage.  The collage hangs from a small wire hanger attached by safety pins.  

It was fun to see what all I had stashed that would work.  I really wanted something hanging from the bottom but couldn't make anything I tried look right, so stopped.  Sometimes it is easy to keep going and mess it up.   
Since I have two work spaces in my sewing room, one with the sewing machine and another craft table I can have 2 projects going at one time.  Which is really nice because there is always drying time on one or the other.

This is a mixed media collage on canvas.   My inspriation for this collage was the feathers.  I used lots of paper, some handmade,  ribbon, buttons and fabric trim with a tin embellishment.  But the feather is what I really like, I really like the texture and dimension it adds.   

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Jul said...

The materials that go into your pieces are so appealing, and I love the way you combine them.

We are on the opposite weather system here in Munich - July was mostly way too hot, but this week we are getting a cool, rainy rest. :)

linda said...

Wow, beautiful collages! Such detail...they are super interesting to look at.

Kel said...

yes the feathers add something special to this collage, I'm also drawn to the tin embellishment and the buttons

tactile texture mmmmm

Marcia said...

Beautiful collage! Love the arrangement of feathers, too.

FlipSyde said...

Jeez. I followed Elizabeth's link here - you were recommended in her Silent Sunday post. I have Never been so Tickled to have followed a link! I am inspired (Inspired!) by your collages. I am a learner - a complete amateur, and you have given me so many ideas. I am very excited to have visited this blog.

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