Friday, July 23, 2010

What to do

I share my work space with my Teddy Bear collection.  I do limit myself to how many I buy but there is something so irresistible about a cuddly teddy bear. 
I found this one recently in a restaurant with Bear in it's name and couldn't resist buying.  Although he hasn't found his place on a shelf yet, he sits in my chair, so to use my sewing machine I have to move him. 

Bears are a touchy, feelly sort of thing so some just talk  to you, or nestle up and say "buy me, please take me home".  But they are taking up to much of my needed room so I may have to find a better place for them.  Can't you just see stacks of fabric and beads and all kinds of craft supplies filling all those little shelves and nook's? 

Thanks for visiting.  Have a good weekend. 

Back soon. 


Judy Hartman said...

These bears are very sweet. Yes, I can see shelves of fabrics and embellishments, with maybe a bear or two to "guard" them!! :)

Stephanie said...

Hey there! Love the bears but yes, I can see the crafting room shelves filled with all kinds of crafty stuff! It's hard when we collect things to know where to put them. Can you put a shelf up high around your bed room? Like 12" down from the ceiling, then display all the bears up high where you can still enjoy them but use space that's not prime real estate for supplies.

YOu asked about the fragments that I used for the mini collages on the necklace--yes, they are clear acrylic pieces. You can get them in a pack of 48 assorted sizes and shapes at Michaels or Joanns us the 40% off coupon and they are pretty reasonable in cost. hope that helps! enjoy the weather!!

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