Monday, August 23, 2010

Art Festival Weekend

I made it through my first art fair.  A bit of a disappointed but I sure learned allot.  Not all "Art Festivals" are really art festivals.  The one I did this weekend was more vendors then artist.  I did sell one piece.  But not much to show for 3 days in a tent.  But I'm not feeling to bad because it was a great learning experience and didn't cost a lot.  I was able to stay at my daughters beach house so didn't have to pay for lodging.  The admission fee was only $50.  Gas was a bit of expense because we borrowed a pick up truck. 

We had decent weather, only a little wind on Friday that caused a little panic when the canopy sides kept coming unhooked.  But my honey had his trusty roll of gorilla tape.   Then on Sunday morning a few sprinkles that caused a little panic but it cleared later in the afternoon to be the warmest day. 

Here's a photo taken while we were still setting up.  My sister joined us and helped set up.

We had a 10"x10" space and borrowed canopy to fit.  The sides attached by Velcro which I would not recommend.  The Velcro kept coming loose when the wind blew.  Our neighbors tent had zippers, but didn't allow the wind to get thru.  One of the other   vendors had sides that were regular tarps with grommets.  He used bungee hooks to attach to poles which allowed a little air space but stayed secure. 

Here's the final set up.  Notice the buckets, right and left front.  These were filled with bricks and tied to the poles to keep them from blowing away.  Next time we will have something that looks better.  A lot of the vendors used a piece of PVC pipe filled with concrete with a hook inserted, then tied to the corners.   These looked much nicer and hung close to the pole, not taking up as much room as my buckets. 

It was a beautiful location on the Oregon beach.   This picture was taken Sunday morning just as we opened for the day.  It did clear up and turn out really warm. 
I was disappointed I didn't sell more but I did get some great comments and positive feedback about my collages.  I will also need to pay more attention to the type of fair I'm registering for, and make sure it's artisan/handcrafted only shows.    I'm ready to try again.

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Nancy said...

It seems there's a learning curve to everything, uh?

I am sorry that you were disappointed in your sales but don't let it get you time will be better.....

Connie Mettler said...

The beach looked wonderful. Where was this show?

You may be interested in my art fair artist's community at:, it is full of people sharing their art fair information. With LOTS of tips about weights :)

Barbara Shallue said...

Did I send you a link to my friend Ann's blog? I know I intended to, but unfortunately, I don't always follow through on my good intentions! She is an assemblage artist and actually teaches it at art shows - she just came back from one in Phoenix. Through those, she got a book published! Here's the link to her blog although she hasn't updated it lately:
Maybe you should look into teaching, too! Your work is beautiful!

Margaret said...

I'm sorry your sales weren't what you would have liked but what a great experience. I think it just depends on the day, next time will be different I'm sure! hang in there! Margaret

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