Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Projects

While at the art fair last week I worked on some small postcards and paper beads.  I needed something to do while sitting in my booth.  So I took my fuchsia bin full of stuff that was small and easy to work on in the limited space I had and without making to much of a mess.

I thought these postcards would be fun to experiment with.  Some were blank to start with and a couple had remnants of left over paint.   Before cleaning my brushes or my paint pallet I use the postcards to finish up the paint, a good use of leftover paint and a start for another project. 

This is my first attempt at paper beads,  since I didn't want to mess with glue and drying time I just cut and rolled them to later tighten and glue. 

I want to add something final touches to the postcards,  maybe just a little gold highlight around the edges, maybe nothing more.  But I'm anxious to finish the beads, they were a great pass time while sitting.  I could do these in front of the TV on those nights I just want to veg.  Usually Mondays. 

These were fun take-a-long projects.  I'm anxious to finish the beads, maybe tonite since it's Monday and I'm still unwinding from vacation. 

Thanks for visiting.

Back Soon.


Becolorful said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my crazy office.
Checking out your newest post here. I especially like the break the rules piece. :) I love enlarging these on my monitor so I can really see the detail work.
You are amazing.

Barbara Shallue said...

Can't wait to see the finished beads. A friend had some jewelry made of paper beads made by some women in Africa - beautiful!

iHanna said...

Postcards and beads, I agree with you, are great small projects. Did you ever try making fabric beads? Those are fun too, and all rolled beads are great for decorating the spine of journals and books. :-)

Judy Hartman said...

These are wonderful!!
I love small pieces of artwork!
Thanks for your comment on my blog - I've put your name into the hat for my giveaway11

Becolorful said...

Oh, I just saw that you linked this up to my Motivated Monday Party at BeColorful. Thanks so much. You know I am a fan of all of your work. I hope you will link up again.

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