Sunday, August 8, 2010


A few short years ago I stopped making my art.  I was very discouraged after not selling any pieces at my last show.  Living in a smaller home with not a lot of wall space to hang anything more, plus my kids were not that excited about my current work.  So I put it away. 

Well I got it back out and started again when my daughter wanted help decorating her new beach house.  Wow, did that open Pandora's box.  Not only was I feeling physically and mentally better I couldn't stop creating.  The thoughts are endless, I was painting Gesso on a canvas yesterday and saw an idea in the brush strokes.  They're everywhere now, I just haven't had enough time to get it all out. 

It must just be my time,  the encouragement and positive feed back I've been getting thru my Blog have been unbelievable.  You like my work, it's so exciting.   Thank you so much to Bleubeard and Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover Blog for featuring me in her Silent Sunday posting.   She said some really great things about my art.  It's very motivating. 

I also joined Leah's  Creative Everyday Challenge 2010 which has given me the opportunity to connect with many other artist and share my projects. 

Now I'm working towards the coming art fair.  I would have never thought I'd being doing something like this.  Wow.

Anyway, I was going thru some older pieces I did before I moved into this house.  I had wrapped them up and stored them away until today.  I thought there might be some pieces I could add to my collection for the art fair.  I found this piece I did while I was in therapy, trying to figure out where I was going after my divorce.  It is a two part piece that I never mounted.  I thought I'd see what you think. 

At the time my weaving was always outside the lines and reaching to a new life, this piece I was confused and trying to hard to make to many changes to fast.  I always start on the left and work to the right.  I got a little muddled, the right side just wasn't working for me.  But I really like the colors,  and I thought someone might find it interesting. 
Each section is 20 x 26, I can see it in a simple pewter frame.  Here's the question should I return it to storage or frame it and try to sell it? 

I guess I have rambled on enough for today.  Thanks for listening. 

Back soon. 


Nancy said...

Hi Eloise,
Thanks for sharing your struggle with us...I find it encouraging to know others find themselves in the same place......

I love these two pieces...just like they are...I really like the way the pieces go off on the right side and I love the colors....I defnitely think you should frame them and either keep them as a reminder of coming out of a hard time or sell them if you want..but defnitely don't put them back in storage.....

I'm rooting for you and I know you will find the spot you need to sell your collage......

Jane Moxey said...

I'd frame each one and offer them as a "pair," if it was me. Good for you getting back to your art!

Crafty Dayeseye said...

Very cool, Glad to see you are back in the game! Good luck on whatever YOU decide!

Patti said...

the thought of packing it up makes me so sad... the unique, rich beauty of your talent is a gift. Express, enjoy, even if you don't show it to anyone - for awhile - the work you create will have value just because you brought it to life! I can imagine the difficulty of working with little or no encouragement and that is a shame, but I believe that creating and selling are unrelated. Keep up the wonderful work!

Kel said...

blogland is kinda nice like that isn't it :)

my first thought is they would make a great journal cover - that way you keep what was an important part of your journey and it would be a symbolic reminder of you weaving your continuing life story into the new journal

Margaret said...

Awesome to have you creating again Cynthia! You could keep your collage and add to it to signify your new start. I once had a piece I wasn't happy with which I ripped into four then sewed it all back together again, overlapping the sides and changing the order! It's been on my wall ever since and that was two years ago! Margaret

Jacque said...

LINDO BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!



pammyjo said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in the struggles of the creative life. Bless you for getting your talent back out. The pictured piece is wonderful and it can't be put back in storage. I like the idea of a journal cover too, but framed in a pewter frame would be awesome too. You're to creative to put away your muse. LOL :)

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