Monday, August 16, 2010

Rockaway Beach Art Festival

I think I am as ready as I'm going to be for this weekends Art Festival in Rockaway Beach Oregon.   If you are anywhere near the Oregon coast I'd love to meet you.  Do stop by. 

Here's a few of the pieces I will have with me for sale, plus a lot more.  I have some of my older pieces marked down to move.  I need to replenish my supplies so I can keep creating. 

I'm really excited about doing this festival, I've wanted to do this type of event for along time but never had the courage to dive in.   When this opportunity came up it just seemed the time was right and for some reason I had no hesitation.  Maybe I finally listened to that little goddess in my head that is always telling me to just go for it. 

I'll take lots of pictures and report back. 

Thanks for visiting.

Back soon.


Artist said...

I wish you good luck and success.

Nancy said...

These pieces are beautiful...
Please let us know after the show.....

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