Monday, August 2, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Boy,  did this weekend whiz by.   We had beautiful sunny days,  so I went for a long walk Saturday, worked in the garden a little.  I love to be outside when the sun is shinning.  My honey is building an arbor over our gate  and needed some help.   Since the passion flower is growing that direction it might as well go up and over the gate.  We actually took the passion flower out last year but it came up in a little different place, so we just let it go.  It should be to the arbor shortly, it's one of those climbers you can almost watch grow.   

 I worked on my collages, I have only 2 weekends left to finish up some projects for the art fair at the coast I am doing the weekend of August 21/22.   I'm not finished with them, but here's a peek. 

I actually titled the black and white collage "The Wedding Party".  It's hard to see in this picture, I'll take a better photo when I finish it,  but it has torn white net  over the whole collage.  The black and white check is a photo mat set over top of the colored part of the collage.  I still have some finishing touches. 

The piece above left needs one more element added, I'm thinking some gold paint maybe. 

I did finish one small 8" x 8" collage on canvas, again with the buttons.  I really like working on these smaller square canvas'.   

Thanks for visiting.

Back soon.


Royce said...

LOVE your oriental collage, very nice. Yes I do hammer the wire I made the black earrings from. I got a DVD from Quilting Arts called Metal Embellishments by Mary Hettmansperger and it has tons of metal techniques on it for your fiber art and I've just used the in my jewelry also.

Kel said...

the one on the bottom (rotate to the right)reminds me of a beach scene
little beach umbrellas or huts behind a line of shells along the shore

pamela said...

I like the idea of the tulle and the title of the black and white piece. It may just be the suggestion somebody needs to buy it as a wedding gift. The asian lettering is different for you too. Nicely done.


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