Monday, September 6, 2010

Finishing Up the Mini's

It's Motivated Monday over at Becolorful so I thought I would finish up my mini collages and beads that I started at the art show a couple of weeks ago. 
These are 3 minis i decided to complete.  I first added a layer of colored tissue to the backs to give them a little more strength and to cover thinks I poked thru the cards.  When that was dry I added a little color around the edges on the front side of each card and finished with another coat of gel gloss.  With the left over paint I used on the edges I started another set of cards.  I'm trying not to waste so much left over paint by starting some more minis. 
So here they are, 3" x 5" postcards.  I think I will move them over to my Etsy Store and see if there is any interest.  I could really get into making these little guys. 

I also worked on a set of beads,  they are dark purple with a little green.  I cut them out of Veranda magazine.  Veranda has nice glossy pages and great color photos.  I was aiming for a little Asian look, that is what I saw in the colors after they were rolled up.

I tried several different embellishments, tissue, wire ribbon and some woven trim.  But I think I liked the gold wire and beads the best over a little green tissue paper.  Then to finish them I put a coat of glossy ModPodge over everything.  I'm anxious to see how I can work them into a collage. 
It's been a great holiday weekend, I hate to see it coming to a close.   But I am fired up about the next project. 
Thanks for visiting.
Back soon.


Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

interesting and colorful and thrifty projects!!!

Dianne said...

Nice works.... Love the beads the best!

Barbara Shallue said...

Love the postcards, but I'm more partial to the beads, too. I like the small gold beat embellishments.

Becolorful said...

I have had system for reading comments and I think it just failed me. Only today did I see your comment about the pillow rings. You're right. Those are really fun and I should do a link to them in one of my pillow of the week posts. i have a couple lined up already but maybe next month. Thanks for the idea.

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