Sunday, November 14, 2010

Class of 1927

I finished the piece with my mother's graduating class.  I had intended to photograph the process but got so into it that I remembered when I was just about finished.  But here's the finished project.  It's the first time I've worked with old photos.  I'm not excited about it but it came out ok. 
My mom is in the middle seated, front row.  Don't you love the hair and dresses?  I used alot of old buttons, a little copper trim around the edge of the photo, several layers of paint and some tulle.  I added a few seed beads to the center of the larger buttons after this photo was taken.  

It felt great to have the time yesterday to sit and finish this.  Today I took some photos of pieces I've been wanting to post on my Etsy shop.  That was after the grandsons left.  I had them over night so the folks could go out.  We went to their favorite place for dinner last night.,  they love to eat at the "diner", where they can sit at the counter.   Can't believe how much growing boys can eat.  They've passed the kids menu and gone straight to full plates and eat it all.   

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Back soon.



Violets Corner said...

So beautiful! Love the textures and the wonderful photo.


Janet said...

You did a beautiful job with the old photo. I really like the copper edging.

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