Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Altered Sweatshirt

It's finally time I showed you what has been on my workdesk for the last month.  I can't believe it took me so long to finish the altered sweatshirt. 

So here goes, my altered sweatshirt.  I started with an XXL men's sweatshirt.  I got a really big one because I wanted the length.  Then cut off the ribbing around the neck and hem.  Finished by cutting off the sleeves close to the seam and opening the side seams.  Now it can be laid flat so I can work around the neck.

I pulled out some lace scraps and laid then out to see what struck my eye.  I decided on a wedge over the left shoulder of black lace.  This piece does go over the shoulder a little.  I then did a zigzag stitch around the edges.  Any decorative stitch or even some ribbon trim would have worked also.  But I used only what I had on hand.  

This is the fun part the flowers.  I cut them out of one of the sleeves.  Then did some free motion stitching for detail around the middle.  My first attempt at free motion sewing.  It was fun, can't wait to do more.  The flowers needed a little more then just the stitching so I embellished them with sequins and buttons.  Also added some free motion loops to the body of the shirt and over the lace. This gave it a quilted look.  Kinda cool, yeah, such fun. 

Now it was time to assemble the sweatshirt, but before attaching the flowers I wanted to sew up the side seams and get the shape.  This is where I had some difficulty.   I must have cut off over three inches off the sides to get it to fit.  After sewing the sides I tried it on but didn't like the way the shoulders and arm holes stuck up.  So I searched for an old pattern with similar sleeve opening and found this Simplicity pattern that had the shape I wanted.  I first tapered the shoulder seam a little and instead of a straight seam for the sides I curved them out.  This worked great, gave the shoulder a much better shape.  Then finished the sleeve by turning under about a half inch and zigzagging around the opening.  The neck is finished with a simple zigzag about a half inch from the edge.  I did not bind the edge or turn it under. 
Final step was to attach the flowers,  I used a little fabric glue and then hand stitched them around the middle.  I'm hoping after this is laundered the flowers will curl a little on the edges.  I did not finish the hem, it should curl after washing, also the neck.  My intent was to wear this with a black turtleneck.  I tried modeling it for a picture but you know how many pounds the camera adds. 
It was a fun project.  There is no limit to what you could do with a sweatshirt.  It was a great learning experience, I will try the free motion sewing again.  I think if I were to do this again I would make the flowers smaller, it's a bit much when I put it on.   And use some different thread for the loops, I'm afraid with much stretching some of these threads will break plus something heavier would be showier. 

All and all it was a fun project.  There is no limit to the imagination on something like this.  After all it's just a sweatshirt.  

Now on to the next project.

Thanks for visiting.

Cynthia Eloise


Karen said...

That is absolutely stunning and those flowers you made to put on it are just gorgeous :)
Have a WOYWW,
Karen #84

sasa said...

This is absolutely amazing work. It looks just fabulous. Love everything about it - really great work and design. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. You may be dead chuffed my dear! Hope to see more!

Sarah (sasa)

Samantha Ball - aka (Craftychick74) said...

WOW! That shirt looks Fab! Love those flowers. You are very talented!!

Sam # 26

Nel said...

C, love it, I may try my own, I do have lots of time! You have so much talent, can't wait to see what's next.

Wonder if serger stretchy thread would work on sewing machine. May have to check that out. Think I need 3/4 sleeves. Thanks for all your instructions. Been knitting dish cloths, tired of that.

Take care little sister!

okienurse said...

Very nice! Excellent alteration. I hate wear 'just' a sweat shirt (but do anyway) I need to get motivated and do something like this! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #59

S said...

Oh you make me wish I could sew.

Lis said...

How fun! I am amazed by the transformation of a grey shirt into such whimsy and joy! I definitely like those flowers and think they might MIGHT be within my range of possibility ...

xo Lis

Suzilou said...

WOW how cool is that!! Never seen anything like that before, you are very talented :)

Suzilou #144

MaggieC said...

That is really different. I would never have thought of remaking a sweatshirt into such a designer garment. Really spectacular.

Barbara Shallue said...

Oh my gosh, I love this! You are so talented!! It truly does look like a designer shirt!

Susan Allan said...

How wonderful. I absolutely love what you have created and love how you did it. I am mad passionate about recycling nad altering anything I can get hold of.

I shall return!!!

Wonderful designs.
Sue xx

Kristin Dudish said...

Wow! How cool is that?!? Truly amazing what you have done with a sweatshirt :)

Marjo said...

Wow, what a wonderful creation. How clever and talented you are!

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #7

Tracey Brossart said...

oh wow!! What an awesome way and so beautiful to alter a sweatshirt!! I need to remember this next time I throw old clothing away...I love the flowers!!

I have blog candy on my blog if you would like to take a peek!
BrossArt Addiction's Blog Candy!!

Happy be-lated WOYWW and
Thanks for sharing! :D


Janet said...

Wow! It's beautiful. Who knew a sweatshirt could look so good! I'm all thumbs when it comes to sewing so it won't be something I'll try but I love seeing how you did it.

Sandy Coleman said...

My gosh! How talented you are and creative....and with a sweatshirt? Wow.

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