Friday, January 21, 2011


I've been doodling this week, you know just random designs on any piece of paper.  It started the other day while sitting on the I-5 bridge into Portland on my way to work.  I was looking at the back side of the car in front of me and noticed the lines.  My first thought, was I've been  wanting to try a zen tangle and this car had great lines.  I kept thinking about that view of the car, and during my lunch break I pulled out an old journal I keep in the car and decided to see if  I could remember the shape and lines.  Well it didn't end up as a zen tangle but it did give me a creative break in the day. 
So how do you doodle?  What shapes or designs do you draw when you are doodling? 

I think I've been sitting in traffic to much lately.  It's a good thing the weekend is here.  Hopefully I'll have some quality time in my studio.  I want to finish my sweat shirt, so I can get on to the next project. 

Thanks for visiting, oh, and to answer the question of why I sign everything Cyndee when my blog is Eloise's Collage.  Well, I never liked the name Eloise as a kid and you know how it goes, the only time you hear your middle name is when you are in trouble.  So then I heard "Cynthia Eloise Richmond, what were your thinking".   So I've grown up, using my middle name makes a statement for me,  I am me, and I'm OK.  And I'm not in trouble.  

Have a good weekend.

Cynthia Eloise 


Barbara Shallue said...

Wow, you are an awesome doodler! I'm going to have to google zen tangle, I guess. My doodles are all abstract lines - that's about all I can manage! Actually, I think my doodles are words - I jot words and thoughts everywhere - does that count? Happy weekend! Hope you're able to finish your sweat shirt and get on to the next!

Kel said...

what a great drawing from memory
love it!

doodles can tell a bit about a person, when happy I doodle swirls and circles, when stressed or cranky I doodle sharp lines, stars, triangles...

so is Cyndee short for Cynthia?
whatever you call yourself, you are a wonderful woman :)

Janet said...

What a cool little drawing! I like to do zentangles but I'm not good at doing objects like the car. Mostly I just do abstract designs when I doodle.

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