Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Morning Walk in the Mist

Come walk with me this morning.  I started out with my umbrella up, but the mist wasn't coming straight down, but from all around.  So forget the umbrella, what came to mind was the song that Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds sang, "Singing in the Rain".  I just needed my yellow rain slicker and boots. 

Through the  mist and a little fog,   I could hear birds chirping from every direction.  In the Northwest you can't see them, they are somewhere up in the fir trees or hidden in the holly.  But you know they are there.  This time of year you hear the geese flying over, flock after flock some mornings.  Only one small flock this morning, but you know they are coming, you can hear them squawking from quite a distance before they come out of the fog.  Heading to another field or small lake nearby. 

Water rushing, trickling down the storm drain.   The fountain in the neighbors yard, flowing over rocks into their little pond.  The squirrels, scampering somewhere, always scampering.  I was thinking about how much people miss by being plugged into their iPods,  they are so lost in their music they are missing the music of nature.    

This brought back memories of traveling with my mother,  summers when I was little we drove from Oregon to Wisconsin to visit cousins.  To me as a kid it was a long boring drive, days in the car.  My mother was always pointing out the scenery, "oh, look at that, or see that, look quick you'll miss it", I could have cared less.  But now I'm just like her, I don't miss a thing.   What I find so sad is the kids today travel with DVD players, watching movies, or playing with their hand held games.  They are missing so much of nature.  What will they be able to point out to their children, will they even see the beauty around them.  But on the other hand they will find where they are going with their GPS not by my instructions to turn at the big huge old oak tree  or the yellow house with the funny yard ornament.  I guess it's a trade off.  But will they notice the old oak tree? 

I tried to take a photo with my phone of the drips on the trees beside our fence but the photo just couldn't capture what I saw.  The tree is about 8 ft.  rather dense with bare branches because my honey insist on keeping it trimmed.  So visualize this 4 ft round ball of bare branches with rain drops hanging from every little nub of a branch.  Amazing.  But I guess you had to see it to really appreciate. 

Then home, time to shower and head out to work. 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings today.

Cynthia Eloise

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Barbara Shallue said...

What a beautiful walk, and yes, I could see the drops and hear the birds. Thanks for taking us along with you! I agree with you on how people miss out on those sounds of nature when they plug in their itunes.

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