Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday All Ready

I'm really falling behind on my crafts and my postings.  I started an altered sweatshirt a couple weeks ago and haven't made any progress.  This last weekend just went somewhere, I think I had a weekend.  I feel like I'm hibernating.  I just don't want to do anything.  But,  today was dry outside and I got to go out for my morning walk.  It's amazing what a walk in the fresh air can do for your energy and spirits.

I didn't have time to snap a pix of my work space so after I got to work today I sketched out this little drawing to give you an idea as to what my space looks like today.  It's pretty primitive (the drawing),  no laughing. 
It was important that I point out some features, like my daughters hand print in plaster.  We have laughed over that for years, it has extra fingers.  She put her hand in the sand mold twice before her teacher poured in the plaster.  And then there is my other daughters dough art mushrooms.  Remember when mushrooms were such a popular decorating item.  Of course there's all my teddybears, of all shapes and sizes, far to many to try to draw them, so I just scribbled them in. 

So that's what's on my Workdesk Wednesday offering for today.  As you can see drawing isn't one of my strong points.  I can, if I take the time but generally that's not my chosen art form.  I think the perfectionist in me comes thru and I am never satisfied.  That's why I enjoy collage.   It's the opportunity to turn anything into art by arranging color, and texture.

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Amy said...

Hey girl,
I like your take on WOYWW. I totally dig that you drew it out. I have been working on drawing too - sketching is a ...challenge for me to say the LEAST. Your drawing looks pretty good to my totally unprofesh eye.

S said...

I wish I could sketch half that good. Thanks for the artistic peek at your space - Happy WOYWW!

Sheila said...

The handprint story is funny! What a great keepsake. Your sketch is fabulous and far better than what I could come up with. I see your vision clearly.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Cyndee, why is your blog Eloise and your name Cyndee? Anyway i appreciated your drawing no end. You have a really nice space for crafting. Patsy from

Ali said...

Hee! I love that you took the time to draw us a sketch in lieu of a photo! :D

Glad your walk in the fresh air lifted your spirits a bit - hope you are able to make some progress on your crafting now. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Ali #74

Barbara Shallue said...

I am very impressed by your sketching! I agree with you on the wonders of a walk in the fresh air, and I, too, have my kids' pottery mushrooms on display!

Mrs A. said...

If this is primitive you don't want to see the stick men drawings I would produce.
Mrs A. #92

Marjo said...

Absolutely hilarious! Love it, great sketch and story too.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10. Happy WOYWW

Susan Allan said...

Your drawing is superb, much more fun than photos. We should all do you know what?.... I am going to do it next week. It may become a new trend which takes off and I laughed at your daughter's hand cast sweet!!
Sue xx 67

Susan Allan said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment. The frame on my desk was one I purchased and just decorated with lace and other bits, then I gave it a coat of paint. Hope that helps.
Sue xx 67

Nicky said...

Love your drawing I could never draw my desk - love the story behind your daughters hand print ~ Nicky 24

Tertia said...

I love your drawing. Made me smile.
Sorry I am only getting to you now, but its been a crazy week.

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