Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Postcard from iHanna's Swap

YEAH,  I got my first postcard today from the swap.   I didn't expect any to arrive this soon.  It's so exciting to come home from work to mail that isn't a bill.

My card came from Pia in Berlin Germany.  You can see her work at

Pia mailed it as a postcard, so it has the cancelled stamp and a note on the back.   It is so cool.  This was such a fun swap.  Now each day I look forward to getting home to check the mail.  If you ever have an opportunity to participate in a swap go for it.  

Thank you Pia for the lovely card.  You made my day.


Cynthia Eloise

1 comment:

Barbara Shallue said...

What a fun project - this one is beautiful and yours turned out gorgeous as well! Can't wait to see all of the ones you get.

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