Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just About Finished

Here's my work space today, just about finished with a duvet cover for my daughter.  An easy project, basically sew two flat queen size sheets together and add buttons for the closure.  Of course I took it a little further.  I used a few decorative stitches across the button flap then instead of closing at the bottom I moved the overlap up about 2 feet from the bottom so it was more decorative then just button at the bottom. 
Just about finished, still have a few buttons to finish sewing on then cut the button holes.  I also sewed a small button on the back side to keep the top button from pulling off so easy.   Allot less expensive then a purchased duvet cover and can be completed in an afternoon. 

I received a second postcard from iHanna's swap.   This one came from Yvonne in Sweden.  A cute, cheerful little card.  8 more to go.  Something fun to watch for in the mail.
Think that's it for today,  have a great day and thanks for visiting.

Cynthia Eloise


okienurse said...

Thanks for the duvet cover tip. I just bought a new summer weight Duvet at the IKEA in Dallas and a cover but I don't think my DH likes the cover. I am going to go check out some sheets and try to make one. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

Barbara Shallue said...

Wow, the duvet sounds like something I could do! A plain version, of course. With help on the button holes :) Love that post card!

Judy Hartman said...

You certainly did take the duvet cover a LOT further! It is just beautiful with the decorative stitching you added!

EWian said...

Home made bed linen is the best! Sweet card.


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