Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DITTO last week...........

Here it is Wednesday already, and I have made absolutely no, I repeat, NO  progress since last week.  So last weeks post shows my workdesk with the same unfinished project.  I've had no time to sit down at my sewing machine.  This weekend doesn't look to promising either. 

I did enjoy last weekend thought, even though I didn't get to sew.  I had my youngest grandson for 2 nights so my daughter could travel to Eugene Oregon for her first of three marathons this year.  It's the one thing she does for herself, and she set a goal for her 40th birthday this year to do 3 marathons.   She completed the race in 3 hours 27 minutes and some seconds.  Pretty good for a 26 mile run.    She amazes me, I could never run, not even around the block.  I think I'll stick to walking. 

My grandson and I went for a bicycle ride, about 2 hours out and 3 playgrounds later we made it back home.  He was so cute, he kept saying he was having such a good time.  Pretty cool from a 6, almost 7  year old riding with his old grandma.  He ask about some of the flowers we passed, lots of tulips blossoming right now.  He remarked how they "danced in the wind."  I think he's going to be a writer someday,  he uses great adjectives.  He does have a creative streak, loves to color, draw and he is taking an after school art class in addition to baseball.   We did have a game and team pictures this weekend also.  I don't know how my daughter keeps up with all three boys sometimes.  I think that's why she runs, it's her only time for herself and she enjoys the challenge. 

The only creative thing I've had time for is some doodling in my ratty car journal during my lunch break at work.  I'll have to post a picture as soon as I can get it scanned.  

That's What's on my Workdesk Wednesday,  to see what others are working on check out our host Julia's blog. 

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cynthia eloise


Sarpreet said...

Beautiful workspace, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW! can you believe this has been going on for 100 weeks! wow, #3

Julia Dunnit said... I understand why you're so happy to help out with your daughter's sewing - good grief what a gal you raised! The marathon thing is impressive; I bet she loves the solitude of running. Like you though, I'm not a runner. I walk to the car. But regularly!
How lovely to have alone time with one of your Grandsons - far better than sitting at a desk for a coupla days!

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