Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Stuff and art cards

Finished the duvet cover finally and received the grommet tape I ordered so am ready to start the curtains to go with all those polka dot sheets. I found the grommet tape online at Homespun Fabrics .  It's going to make attaching the grommets so much easier.  I"ll show you when I get started. 

I finally unrolled the the handmade papers I bought a while back and started some art cards.   I signed up to do an art and wine fair this summer and thought some smaller projects would be a good addition since I have quite a few larger pieces to sell. 

I love working  with all the color and textures of the handmade papers.   Those that have bits of other materials in them are even more interesting.  I usually prefer to tear them rather then cut with scissors, they tear with the grain of what ever is pressed into them so you get sometimes, a stringy edge. 

Here are a few of the cards I've been working on.  Once I got started I had a hard time stopping.  

Here's a couple after I put them in the plastic sleeves for selling.  A lot of natural earthy colors and a few with
an Asian theme.  They were really fun to work on

For all my  friends from Julia's Workdesk Wednesday blog hop here's what the mess looks like today.   This little corner has served me well.  It would always be great to have more space but I think I work more efficiently in a small space.   I use to like to work on the floor where I could spread out all my papers and play with the colors and arrangement.   I have a lot at my finger tips in bins and baskets here.   But if I keep buying more "stuff" I will run out of room.  I need to go on a months buying freeze. 
Thanks for visiting.  Be back soon. 

Cynthia Eloise


Carolyn Phillips said...

Like the cards.

triciasconfetti said...

There is a lot of folk out there who are on 'stuff' freezes but there is always something thta catches our eyes, isn't there. I don't do much if any online shopping as I would never have any money so have to limit myself to the shops and shows I go to.
x Tricia (53)

Barbara Shallue said...

Those are just beautiful! You are busy, busy, busy!

lee said...

wow the cards are wonderful

Julia Dunnit said...

Well Cynthia how I admire your thought process. I went dowen to a samller space and cluttered it up to the point of not being able to use it, it will be so good to see someone make a success of their theory! Loving the paintings.

JoZart said...

Those cards will sell well I am sure... classy!
JoZarty x

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