Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm So Excited!!!!

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted.  Wow.  What have I been doing?  Well the Art and Wine Fair this last weekend was a success.  Although I didn't sell any big money makers I did sell quite a bit of smaller stuff and some of my new note cards.

Here's the only good picture I got.  I'm the chubby redhead in the pink top.  My youngest daughter Melissa is sitting and my honeys grand kids and daughter-in-law in the center.  The weather was beautiful, the wine and music were great.  The opportunity to visit with other artist was priceless.  It was a great time and I had great help and support from my family. 

What really made the show a big success was the two invitations to show at galleries and today my honey dropped of the first of my work at the gallery in Camas. 

I've been accepted to show at "All Things Creative" in Camas Washington.  A new gallery planning a soft opening next Friday the 22nd in conjunction with Camas Days. 

Such a busy month,  two grandsons birthdays,  the art fair,  a family reunion, wedding shower, 4th of July holiday and my trip to San Francisco with my 11 year old grandson at the end of the month.  .   I haven't been this busy in ages.  I must say I do love it.  But now I need to squeeze in some time to create a few more pieces for the 2nd gallery.  I have a few weeks before they need to be submitted though. 

Then to added a little more worry to the pot,  my honey had to have a cancerous spot removed from his nose this week.    All went well, although they had to take more then we had hoped.  It's amazing how they do this these days.  Once they were done the doctor took skin from the other side of his nose and brought it over the damaged part and stitched it down.  He should have very little scar by the time it heals.  Next week he has one more spot to remove.  We are hoping it isn't any worse then the one on his nose.  He's doing pretty good. 

Thanks for visiting.

Back soon.

Cynthia Eloise


Barbara Shallue said...

I'm so glad they detected the spots and are getting them removed! But other than that, it sounds like you've been having tons of fun, with more to come! Congrats on all the shows!

Royce said...

Sure hope all goes well with your honey. Sure does sound like you have been busy.

kimmie said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was fun ..... And there's more fun to come!!!

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