Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Can't believe I haven't posted in over a week.  I'm in a holding pattern till I get a confirmation this week in response to my application to do the Crafty Wonderland Sale in December at the Portland Convention Center and another smaller event in Camas later next month.   I just submitted my application to the October one today, they still had some spaces available. By this time next week I will either be puttering along on some personal projects or knee deep in art to sell.

I did make one decision today, I ordered mugs with one of my doodle designs.  I'm really excited to see them finished.  I used the "She Who Doodles" doodle that I posted several weeks back.  Several of your comments suggested she would look good on a mug.

Since I hit a landmark a couple of postings ago, and have never offered a giveaway I thought it was time.   So I will post one of the mugs for a drawing.  More later when the mugs arrive.  Check back if you are interested, they are only suppose to take a couple of weeks.  I found the best price at Discount Mugs website, they had a great selection and not a big minimum.

I have a little Zen calendar on my desk at work, one of those that you tear the page off each day.  I have saved several throughout the year that meant something to me or hit home with a good point.  I've been looking at one of these today, I have them tucked under the clear plastic pad on my desk.  It reads:  Move and the way will open.  I keep reading it over and over, trying to have faith, but still reluctant to make the move I've been wanting to take.

Ordering the mugs today was one,  the other is much bigger.  I have to think about it a little longer.  I remember a few years back when my nephew was unhappy with his job but knew he couldn't afford to quit.  But one day after that last straw hit the camels back he quit.  The next day he had a call from another company that wanted him to come work for them.  At my age it's a little, no allot, scarier to take that kind of a plunge.

I've rambled on enough today.  No pictures just babble today.  Hope your week is going well.

Thanks for visiting.

Cynthia Eloise


artymess said...

oh I love that quote and very pertinent to my situation at the moment .......facing redundancy at work and wondering whether to make the move myself ....I think it may be an omen you leaving a comment on my blog this morning .....thanks for visiting and i will be back to see your mugs ....x

Carmen said...

you live in Portland?!
oh my i LOOOOOOVE Portland!
crossing my fingers and very good luck! yes!!!

Dianne said...

I'm facing some pretty tough decisions myself these days... unfortunately, my job is not one of them since they made that choice for me in August. Yes... at my age it is very scary to not have a job. There are so many younger people out there with qualifications, I have my work cut out for me in finding one.

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