Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted, but like everyone this time of year I'm just plain busy.

We went with my daughter and grandson to see an old historic steam engine role in with Santa aboard on Saturday.   My grandson has such a love for trains, it started with Thomas now it's all trains.  He even watches videos of old historic trains, not cartoons.  It been fun for all of us, we get to ride and see so many different trains.  A couple of Christmas' ago, we drove up to Hood River and rode the Polar Express.  It was so cool,  they had a Santa's village set up along an old warehouse site, of course it was dark out so you couldn't see anything but the lighted village set.  Santa came aboard the train, then we continued on our trip.  We sang and had hot chocolate and cookies.  Santa walked through the whole train talking to the kids.  A high school group cruised the isles singing some of the songs from the Polar Express movie.  The kids all enjoyed it, of course we did also.

Sunday I participated in the Annual Business Women's Holiday Sale.  It was a little disappointing, the crowd wasn't what I had expected,  but I wasn't totally bummed, it was a great learning experience and I met a lot of other great women.  Our fee included breakfast and lunch served to us, and the bar opened at 5.  So got to finish the day with a glass of wine.   I shared a table with a needle felter.  It was fascinating to watch her poke at the ball of wool yarn and see it take shape.  She slowly turned the wool into little gnomes.  They were so adorable.

 And I finally got my Christmas cards off in the mail today.  Sent out my own designs this year.  Here's a couple of the designs I used.  I tried printing them my self at Kinkos, what a chore.  I had trouble with the machines taking my card stock.  Next time I think I will have them printed.

Haven't yet had time to bake, or finish my Christmas shopping.  Although I already had to return one item,  it seems my ex and I tend to buy the same thing for at least one of the grandsons.  At least this  year I found out before Christmas so I could exchange it.  

Since I'm having my kids and some of my honey's kids at our house Christmas Eve I need to get busy and figure out what I'm going to feed them.  Then a Christmas Concert next week and dinner with my sister another.  Christmas will be here before you know it.  So much anticipation and such a let down when it is over.  It will be nice this year to have the day after Christmas off work to unwind, I don't have to go back till Tuesday.  

It's such a fun time of year, and the weather has been cold here, no snow.  But at least it feels like Christmas and no rain.  Hope you are surviving all the holiday cheer.  

A little over a week till Christmas.  Take time from your busy schedule to enjoy the holiday season.  It seems we get to wrapped up in making everything so perfect we forget to sit back and enjoy it.  I ready for some hot buttered rum.  Maybe tonite.  

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GrandmaK said...

Beautiful cards. Well done!!! Thank you for your visit!!! Cathy

Cowgirl Red said...

Love the Santa on the train! Merry Christmas to you too. Terah

lee said...

wow what great cards, loving the santa waving. In Canada we always have the day off after Xmas, called boxing day, that is when we have the sales. Like you do on Black Friday (thansgiving) Hope you have a merry xmas

Barbara Shallue said...

I would love to ride the Polar Express! What a great experience and so much fun for the kids (and adults!) Love, love, love your cards! You need to get those to a convention and peddle the design! I've never seen a needle felter, but it sounds fascinating and with a glass of wine to end the day, sounds like a fun learning experience. Wishing you joy and peace as we wind down to Christmas!

rajns (carolyn) said...

Your cards are wonderful -so creative! I used to make my cards and once I had them printed with my own design I won't ever go back. It is worth every penny!

kimmie said...

It ounds like a very busy time .... And a happy one too! Enjoy your family and these times together! Merry Christmas!

Kim Mailhot said...

Love your cards !
Have a wonderful holiday time with your loved ones !
Cheers !

Linda said...

I love these!!!

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