Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doodle post 1 thru 4

A new year and new projects.  I was thinking about setting a goal to post a doodle a day for this year, but since I've never been good about sticking to goals I re-thought the idea and decided to post one a week.  Then I thought no that's no challenge so I'm going to start with a month.  Even if I don't have time to post each day I will still post a total of 31 doodles for the month of January.  I know I can do this since hardly a day goes by that I don't do one, sometimes only a quick one on lunch break or I spend several hours working on one after I get home.

So here's my first through fourth doodles for January.  
Cyndee Starr, Artist ©

Sometimes I see things in my doodles, other times there's a message,  quite a few look like dragons.  I can totally get lost in my doodles.  They are all a reflection of my muddled mind.  

So what are you doing to challenge yourself this year?  

Thanks for visiting and I hope the New Year brings you peace and joy.




kimmie said...

so fun and whimsical - they look like little imaginary landscapes

from my personal experience, once I say I will do something, I right away get to work not doing it :)

doodle without obligation and you will be a happy doodler - as you have been :)

Rosy said...

Love you doodles of designs here, really cool looking too.

I am giving myself the challenge not to give up on my art journal that I started not long ago sometime before Christmas, I have started Journals before but for some reason or another I never gotten around at finishing them up. This time as it may be My New Resolution is to finished this one Art Journal regardless of the outcome.

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