Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have been trying for a couple of weeks off and on to get my She Who Doodles page up and running on Facebook.  It's there, I just haven't figured out how everything works yet.

I've had a personal page for a long time, but just added a page for my doodles.  This "page" functions differently.  I'm not sure how to attach people to it.  It doesn't seem to allow me to invite friends without adding them to my personal account.   I guess it's one of those pages that you just have to "like".  So I must need to direct people to it, besides my current friends and family who have all been very supportive and "liked" the page.  So if you are interested in following my doodle journey go to She Who Doodles on Facebook and check the "Like" box.  Let me know if it goes smooth or if you have problem finding it.

This internet/computer stuff takes so long for me to figure out, I guess I should just call my  grandson or my nephew to come help.  The kids understand it as if it were as simple as using a light switch.  Actually I've got one of those I've never quite figured out .

Next thing is a new phone.  I recently bought myself a newer car, one of those cute little KIA Souls 2010 model.  The grandkids call it the toaster car.  Anyway it's got built in Bluetooth and I'm anxious to try it, my old phone doesn't work with the cars system.  A good excuse to get a new phone.  I think I'm going to really be happy with it, the back hatch opens up and I can slide my bins with art supplies right in without having to set in down in a trunk or lift it up and out.  I can also put the back seats down for more space.  I'm planning on doing more art fairs and shows this year so my little Honda Civic was just to small plus it was a 98 with lots of miles.  I was a little sad trading the Honda in for a newer car, it was the first car I ever picked out and bought myself.  I had just turned 50 and was recently divorced.  So it was kind of special to me.  I'll get over it.

It would bring me Joy if you could take a couple minutes to check out my new page on Facebook and check the "Like" box.  To see what brings Joy to others scoot on over to Meri's Musings and Share the Joy Thursday.  It' nice uplifting reads.

Thanks for visiting.




lee said...

went to your facebook page and hit the like button, I really like doodles, so wlll be checking quite often

foxysue said...

Yes managed this okay and left you a comment!

Happy Doodling,

Sue x

Stephanie said... are ahead of me in delving into an art facebook page...
one day one day.

I will go LIKE your page.

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