Friday, March 30, 2012

This and That

Wow,  where to start.

I spent the last 5 days in Central Oregon at Sunriver.  Love that place.  We had a great time,  got to walk everyday on the many miles of walking/bike trails.  The picture at right is from one of my morning walks.  We had a little dusting of snow on the last day.  I was never in the right place at the right time to get pictures of the Three Sisters snow topped mountains or Mt Bachelor.  If I did have a chance they were surrounded in snow clouds.  It was really good to get away for a few days courtesy of my oldest daughter, she had a house rented for a week during spring break

I even got to do a little shopping in Bend one afternoon and found this little plaid teddy bear I couldn't resist.  He was so different then anything I had, I just had to have him.   I know my bears are taking over my studio as my daughter kindly reminded me.  But I don't buy near as many as I use to for that very reason.  I guess I am just going to have to rethink where I keep them.  She is right, I could use the room to organize all my collected stuff for collages.  My room is pretty tight these days.

Just before we left I received another postcard from ihanna's swap.  This one came from TJ in Minnesota, she even shows the process how she printed these on her website, check it out.  I was really surprised when I received TJ's card as I had sent her a postcard also.

Still waiting for the last 2 postcards to arrive, maybe tonite when I get home they will be in the mail box.

And the final part of "this and that".  I finally finished the collage I've been working on for several weeks, really, it's done.  No more going back and adding more.   It's titled "Clues".  You'll be able to see why when you look at the close ups.

Lots of layers of paper, it started with a very old James Bond paperback book torn in many pieces.  
You can see the gold metallic fabric is not completely glued down.  I like how it gives the piece a little depth.

No paint except around the very edge, I used some of the tissue paper that bleeds to give a little painted effect.

The final detail was the little gold seed beads.  No more, that's it, it is done.

I think that about catches me up for this week.  I had hoped to post from Sunriver earlier this week but  we had trouble with the wifi off and on all the time I was there.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great weekend.




Barbara said...

That teddy bear is very unusual - I don't blame you for wanting him! I've heard Bend is beautiful.
I absolutely love that collage - it's fabulous!

lee said...

love love your collage, beautiful so clever, and I love TJ art as well, I did see that how she did it, sounds like you had a great time.

Corrine said...

Yummy texture and I love the words in the collage. Thanks for the mini tour. Cute Teddy Bear, it is unsual isn't it. xox

babybird said...

Your collage is really beautiful! Love the technique!

Cottage and Broome said...

Your bear is so sweet, he would have been hard to leave behind! Laura

BumbleVee said...

Awww... what a cute little teddy he is ..... I keep saying I should make some of some fabrics other than mohair.... and I actually have a chunk of an old curtain from our house when we were little is in perfect shape....I keep thinking how I could use it...the pattern is quite would present some problems..and the bear would not be small.... but, I will figure out something eventually....

Parabolic Muse said...

Great collage! And how lucky that you got TJ's postcard! She's a great printer.

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