Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere

I am so behind on my posting.  Life has just been busy lately, where to start.

We moved my sister into an assisted living home, she just can't live alone anymore.  We've been talking about it for some time but when the time finally came it was really hard to do.  It was a very stressful day for all of us except her.  She seems so unaware of what is happening to her, which is a good thing.  She is settling in nicely, but very confused.  She has a cute little apartment that is just right for her and the assistance she needs.  Hopefully this will work, she isn't quite ready for memory care yet but needs daily assistance to do most things.   It sure makes you look at your own mortality.  I hope I have the where with all to  not leave these difficult decisions to my kids.

On a brighter note, Easter.  The kids all came over for Sunday brunch.  I had some fun hiding Easter eggs in the back yard for my grandsons.  Here's a pix of them with their Dad after finding stick on mustaches in their eggs, along with the usual array of candy and stuff.  We had a great day, the sun even shined on us.

I bought a new camera finally,  just a little Sony point and shoot.  But it has 4 times the pixel as my old camera and should get better detail and close ups.  But I'm finding that it wasn't just the camera that was the problem, the photographer needs help.

I was playing around with the camera this morning just shooting things around the house.  So here's a little look into my world.

My kitchen garden window and art wall in the family room.

Check these out,  the one on the left I call my adventure wall.  Places I've been, things I've done.  Look close at the pix to the right, you'll see me on the trapeze and getting ready to sky dive.

And my work space.  Pretty cluttered right now.

In the corner, notice the picture above the clutter, a very old pix of my sibs, me not included.  I didn't come along for a long time after this shot was taken.  They were so cute when they were little.

And on my work desk, since this is Wednesday I thought I'd join in WOYWW.   I call this collage "Luck". I really like working with Asian themed pieces.

Some new additions to my stash and my first punch.  ihanna used one of these round corner punches on her postcards, I thought it was so cool I had to have one.  It makes a nice finish to postcards.

My recycling effort, tea bags and cigar bands. Cheap additions to my stash.  I'm anxious to use the cigar bands.  I almost bought some at a flea market recently, fortunately I didn't have enough cash on me for everything I wanted so didn't get them.  This is even better, my daughters boyfriend is saving them for me.  Yeah, freebies are always good.  

I need to practice with the camera, lots of different settings to experiment with.  One thing I discovered,  I had to compress the pictures to get them to download for this post.  At least that was an easy fix.

Enough for today.  Thanks for letting me share a little bit of me.

Have a great day.




Janet said...

Your grandsons look so cute with their mustaches...they can imitate their dad!

A new camera is fun. You'll get the hang of it soon. I think these pics look good.

Lucky you, getting free cigar bands! Gotta love free!

Barbara said...

I love those mustaches! What a cute idea! And I also love the adventure wall - another great idea. I might have to copy that one, although I don't think I've had nearly the adventures you have!! Maybe it'll inspire me to fill it with more. Thank you for the tour and congrats on your camera!!

dottielottie said...

Hi Cyndee, thanks for visiting me today.You have a lovely white workspace with your teddies watching over you as you craft. I love the teddy in your previous post, he's gorgeous.Happy crafting
Lottie x

Royce said...

love the oriental piece you did and wow what a great play area you have I really enjoy seeing other's creative areas.

BumbleVee said...

tea bags and cigar bands....what a crazy bunch we crafters are hey? Wonder what you will eventually do with them? ...
#151 ..

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a fab post - I so enjoyed reading about you and your family. It'#s always a tough decision but I'm sure your sister will be just fine in her new place...and so will you.
Wow, you've been a daredevil in your past!! I want to know more about the skydiving and trapeze! I love to know what motivates people to do stuff out of the comfort zone :)
And your oriental collage is beautiful btw, very serene!
Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

Corrine at said...

Sorry to hear about your sister, but at least you won't have to worry what might happen to her. It is such a hard illness for everyone. Cute pics of the grandsons and their dad. Your workspace looks pretty clean to me, I am so glad mine finally is too, it is such a pleasure to work in now. xox Corrine

MaggieC said...

Thanks for such a full tour of your crafting space and home. It all looks so bright and cheerful. I know exactly how stressed you must have been moving your sister into her new home, and how it makes you feel about your own mortality. After both our mothers dies quite close to each other, we spent a lot of money and time doing our house up, making sure that we future proofed everything as far as possible to enable us to stay here as long as possible. We also invested the money we inherited to give an income if and when we need extra care. I definitely do not want our children to go through what we did. getting away from all that, thank you for your visit this week and your comments. You might see more of my room another week. Have a good week. xx Maggie #2

Lisa-Jane said...

What a lovely room there! And that is a lovely collection of ribbons - I love yummy ribbons too. #85

iHanna said...

A new camera is always fun and exciting, and you did the right thing: turn it on and just start using it A LOT and you will soon feel comfortable with it. Enjoy!

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, that is an AWESOME photo of the boys with dad! How handsome they all are. You must be the youngest of your siblings? I came along 13 years after everyone else. It's odd, isn't it?

The more you practice with that camera, the better you'll get, but these pictures look great.

lee said...

I had quite the laugh when I saw your cute grandsons with the mustaches, love the sneak peeks

kay said...

love the mustaches
Have a fab crafty week
catching up re woyww
kay #70

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