Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Peeps

I am obsessed with these little things.  And now I don't have to wait a year to get more.  Now they make them for every holiday.   But they will always be peeps to me.  Just changing the shape and color doesn't really change what they are, pure, unadulterated SUGAR. 

Before I finish this last box I better go out for a walk.  Then probably better go out again after finishing this box.  I guess I better get a lot of walking in this weekend.  Good thing it's not raining.  Although that would take a little more energy if it was cold and wet.  I could burn more calories then maybe go to the store and buy some more of those peeps on the  after holiday sale. 

Wherever you are this weekend I hope the sun is shining on you,  or at least not blowing you away. 




Janet said...

You can have my share! I have never been a huge fan of squishy candy! Give me something crunchy any day. But I do like the lavender color on the ones you have there.

Sunshine here but a little chilly and windy.

kimmie said...

they used to be only one color too!
my kids love them - me. not so much :)

lee said...

mine as well I love crunchy stuff as well, i am glad you have good weather, we dont, bad weather is better weather for creating, i dont mind being in when it is raining or snowing

Corrine at said...

Purple peeps, who knew? Enjoy. xox

Judy Hartman said...

My sister also has always loved peeps, and I made sure she was well stocked! I just love the name!!

Parabolic Muse said...

ha! I love that lunchtime desk you have!

You have Peeps!! I haven't had Peeps yet this year! All of Easter, no peeps. What kind of tragic life is that.

I bet I find some Peeps out there for Mother's Day!

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