Friday, April 13, 2012

Out and about with my new camera

On my lunch break today I took my new camera to the wildlife refuge close to work and just started shooting.  I'm told the more pictures I take the better I'll get.  I've never been good about playing with all the settings, I always wanted to just point and shoot.  But I really need to improve on my pictures I post.

This is actually an artist sculpt of tree with bird house pods.

This is the root end of a dead tree, I thought it was kinda cool with the fern and moss growing on it.  A little hazy, not very sharp.

A view towards the lake from the canoe launch.

The trail,  and grass.  Just had to get down on the ground to see what it looked like.  

Look close you can see a duck, he wouldn't move out where I could get a better shot.  

I was going for the reflection in this shot.

This was way cool, this is the migration patterns of many of the birds in the area .

This speaks for itself, rocks.

This is a close up of a very large concrete sea shell.  Makes for an interesting picture.

My hub cap.  You can see by now that I was shooting anything that came into view.

When I turned away from the lake I could see the power pole with a huge birds nest.  Also the trains.

That was my adventure for today.  It was nice to escape in the middle of a work day to a totally different environment.

Think i'll go home and make spaghetti tonight and maybe some cheesy french bread.  Yum.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great weekend.




lee said...

loved your pictures, your dinner sounds good

Corrine at said...

wonderful patterns and texture everywhere. Those bird houses are fantastic. Love that idea. xox

Dianne said...

I think you are well on your way to great photography! I really like these photos, and especially the reflections on the water...

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