Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day to Remember

Since I was four years old we would go up to Willamette National Cemetery to put flowers on my Dad's grave.  As a kid I always hated the long drive then the long walk across the other graves to get to Dad's site.   He was just a few rows from the fence line then,  which has disappeared down the hill now as the area has grown to take in so many more vets.  Mom is now buried right next to him.  Since Mom died my sister and I have maintained that routine until this year.   She really can't make the trek anymore and for some reason I no longer feel the need.  

Now my brother a Vietnam War vet and my brother in law, a Koren War vet are all on the hill close to Dad.  Daddy was a WWI vet.  He died before I was old enough to hear any of his stories.  I'm sure he had some good ones.  I know he was in France,  that's where he received his back injury from an over turned jeep.  He had a purple heart.  Served in Company A, 308th Military Police.  
This is Me and Dad the summer of 1951, he didn't make it to the next summer.  So I may not be trekking up to the cemetery today with flowers but I haven't forgotten.   Unfortunately I don't have many memories of Dad, so I scan through the old pictures now and then to remember his face. 

Have a great day.




Nadia ( said...

Wow- what a perfect post today. I love that picture of you with your dad-- I love old black-and-whites!


Barbara said...

What a wonderful tradition, and even though you didn't leave flowers there, you've written a beautiful tribute. Love that photo! On behalf of the US, thank you to your family for guarding our freedom!

lee said...

great family memory and thanks for telling it

Cottage and Broome said...

You don't have to go to the cemetery to honor your Dad, although that was a nice tradition. You wrote a beautiful tribute to him……Laura

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