Monday, June 25, 2012

Aprons and Tote Bags

I was really excited when I picked up my aprons and tote bags from the printers.  It's so cool to see your designs on something.   I just ordered a minimum amount to start with to see how they sell.  Here's a peek.

It's a little hard to tell but I've added a little black binding across the front of the bib for a little contrast.  
Although it's my design I wanted to personalize it a bit more.  

The tote is pretty good size with a small inner pocket and a water bottle pocket on one side.  Can be used for groceries or a carry all to the beach.  

I think next time I'd like a larger design on the bag but thought the white on black looked good.  The print shop suggested I do it this way.  Good suggestion.

Busy with last minute details for the summer sales coming up.  Checked out some booths this weekend at a art fair out in Lake Oswego for ideas.  Made a tablecloth out of a bolt of bleached muslin.  My honey is making some weights from PVC pipe to anchor the canopy.  I've been playing with some table arrangements.  I think I just need to quit worrying about it but when you sign up for these fairs so far ahead it gives you to much time to think about it.  

Hope all is well with everyone, I haven't had much time to visit lately.

Thanks for visiting.




Shoshi said...

Love these, Cyndee! I agree, it's a great feeling seeing your own work in print. I was very pleased with the coasters. I'm not too worried about not selling much - it could have been worse! I've already got a few orders for things online and when I feel up to it, am going to get going on that. Till then, I'm suffering payback for having overdone it over the past week and just have to ride the storm till I start to feel better.


kimmie said...

Wow! You go girl! Best wishes with your summertime ventures!!

Judy Hartman said...

Wow, your designs look fantastic! Love the white design on black, but the black on white is pretty and crisp!! Great idea - good luck!!

Barbara Shallue said...

Love them both! You are keeping busy!!

Bella Wilson said...

WOW! Just love that Aprons and Tote Bags. The color is so soothing and fabric is also very nice. I really like the design and stuff.
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