Thursday, August 16, 2012

Experiments gone awry

Ok, I said I would post the lamp project so here goes.

The shade was plain white, what I intended to do was doodle a bold black design but the ink bled badly.  So I thought I could collage over it and the doodle would show through when the light was on.  I trimmed it with  black cording around the top edge and draped some down and around in loops.  But the black paper didn't take the gel medium without looking white in places.  Now I'm thinking, maybe I'd Gesso over all and start again, but this will probably make the shade to dark with so many layers.  So maybe I'll look for another shade and start again.  Scratch this one up to a leaning experience.

I also tried to collage over a small glass vase to make a candle.  This didn't turn out to bad.  I think I might even try it again but with a larger vase.

I just used my gel medium and torn pieces of paper, then bits of a gold metallic mesh fabric.  Finished with a few flat shells in clusters on each side.   The vase I bought at the craft store, pretty inexpensive.  The paper was scraps of various hand made papers I've saved.

I'm thinking I might try one with just shades of white paper then doodle over it.  I think with the candle lit the doodle would kinda dance with the flame.

This feels good to be back online again.  I miss this line of communication. Although it looks like there are still a lot of bloggers on summer hiatus.

The weekend is almost here, I'm looking forward to the time to try some new projects.

Thanks for visiting.




Corrine at said...

I kind of like the wildness of it. I would gesso over and see what happens and then maybe do another anyway. At least you are experimenting and having fun. xox

Cottage and Broome said...

I hate when things don't come out quite like I envision! But then sometimes things come out cool and unexpected. I like the lamp, it is funky and fun looking. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

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