Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I finished my last outdoor festival Sunday, the tent is put away till next summer, my art needs to be reorganized and packed up, now I can start anew.  Here's a pic of this last weekends Art Festival in the Forest, a really great setting.  We even had tree dancers entertaining us.  The booths were all set up along a walking trail through the woods.

I didn't do as good as I had hoped this summer but learned allot and got a lot of positive feedback.  I realize I need more products and not as much original art.  What sold well at one sale didn't sale at the next.  Oh, and when the weather is in the 90's forget the chocolate in the gift mugs.

I'm getting in creative  mode again.  Other then doodling I haven't had time to try anything new or even finish the fabric collage I started a couple months ago.  Now I have so many other ideas I want to start on so I can be ready to do some October, November Christmas sales that my fabric collage will have to wait.

I'm trying to come up with other ideas to put doodles on, coasters, magnets were a couple ideas but I'd really like something a little more substantial. I experimented with a lamp, I'll have to take a picture and show you how that turned out.  At this point it isn't leaving my studio.  I also tried collage on a glass candle holder.  This may be worth trying again but larger.

So this is were my head is currently.  Plus we are looking for a new senior living place for my sister.  She has wondered off from the assisted living home twice lately and they want to move her to memory care.  We're checking out some places closer to me this time, which would be great.  Right now it's an hour drive to see her, we could pick her up and take her places with us if she were here in Vancouver.  I found a couple places close that my niece is checking out this weekend.  So hopefully one of them will work out.

It's good to be back to reality.

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Cottage and Broome said...

Cyndee, It must feel good to be done with shows for the summer. Frustrating that things sold well at one show but not the next. Hope you find a safe place for your sister. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

Corrine at said...

Welcome back...glad you had some sales and got to think about wht might work in the future. Good luck finding the right place for youe sister, it's hard to do. Hopefully she will be closer so you can spend more time together. xox

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