Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My first carved stamp

Finally I tried it.  Cut my own stamp.  I can see it could get a lot better with practice but I'm happy with my first attempt.  I plan to use it to stamp on the paper bags I use at my sales.  Originally I was just doing a quick simple doodle on the bags by hand but that got old really fast.  This will make it a lot easier.

I've been busy again, scheduled a couple of sales at an open market place out in Lake Oswego.  If it goes well I may pick up a couple more dates.

I'm hoping to get my art sales built up so I can retire from my day job.  Tomorrow wouldn't be soon enough.  But sales this summer were not as good as I had hoped but still trying.  
I need to get stuff on Etsy again, I've let it go for awhile.

I'm working on some new products as soon as I get them finished I'll post pictures.

Can't believe it's September already.  Summer went so fast.

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Corrine at said...

Stamp looks good, show us what it looks like on a bag! Good luck at your next show. xox

Janet said...

I'm sure now that you've carved one stamp it won't be your last. I find it sort of addictive once I get started.

Good luck with all your venues.

Barbara said...

The stamp is a great idea! I'm glad you've got so many shows lined up. When you get a chance, let me know your thoughts on Etsy. I'm thinking of starting a shop for my photography.

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