Monday, October 15, 2012

She Who Doodles

She is busy with some new projects, check her out at  She seems to be my main focus lately.  Working on Christmas cards and a new Etsy shop.  And still working full time days, YUK!!   It takes me so long to make any progress with She Who Doodles but maybe not such a bad thing.  It gives me more time to think about my next move and get it ironed out before I make it.
I will be selling these on Etsy soon, in 6 packs.  This is one of my designs.  I'll let you know when my Etsy shop is up running.

Football season fills Saturdays now, all three of my grandsons are playing this year.  My oldest is playing for his high school team the other two for a local youth football league.  Thursday evenings and Saturdays are busy. I do enjoy football season,  the boys are all good players so it makes it even more exciting.  So far we've had an unusually nice fall, this last weekend was the first rain.  The leaves are just beginning to turn and fall.  We still haven't had any frost.

That's all I have time for today.  Thanks for visiting.




Corrine at said...

Charming doodles. Great idea! xox

Barbara said...

I love this time of year and actually kind of miss football games now that my kids are out of high school. Not enough to attend one yet, but it might happen before too long!

Dianne said...

These are so cute!

kimmie said...

I know your Etsy shop will be a success!!

This was our first weekend of rain too - it feels normal again :)

Shoshi said...

Love your doodles, Cyndee - and I particularly like the red envelopes to go with the black and white designs - very stylish! I might borrow this idea...

Thanks for your visit - glad you like my little book. I am busy today, doing an art journal page in it - more on my blog in due course.


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