Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catch Up

No ice, no freezing temperatures and no rain so I finally got outside for a walk.  It felt so good to get out in the fresh air.  I started out listening to Mama Cass singing "Dream a little Dream".  Love that song.

I did get rained on before I got back home.  But no fear I had my new trusty rain bonnet on that I bought a couple weeks ago at Pikes Market in Seattle.

As I was walking along I was noticing all the bright green  moss everywhere.  This time of year we have a lot of it.  I thought these old rock steps were really pretty with the cracks filled with moss.

Even moss along the edge of the sidewalk.

Along the way I spotted one lonely horse in the field under the power lines.

And couldn't help noticing the tree roots winding along the ground. I always wondered why some wind above ground and others stay hidden.

The rest of my day was spent in my studio.  Some re-purposing and some experimenting.  Some time back I made some coasters out of ceramic tiles with doodles on them. But when a hot cup was set on them the cup would stick.  So I remembered seeing some tiles that were mounted in a frame.  I painted a little gold frame black, and added  a piece of black poster board and mounted the tile.  I think I'll do a couple more of these.  See if maybe they will sell.

Sunday, I tried something new, I bought a package of small rectangle glass tiles to make into a pendants.  The tutorials look pretty easy and I saw some on Etsy so I thought I'd try one by using my doodle designs.

The first one went pretty well except I needed a different glue to attached the doodled paper onto the back of the tile.  I found a clear drying glue and tried again.  It worked, so I tried again, but this time I doodled right on the glass tile then glued a piece of gold wrinkled foil to the back.  I really liked how that turned out.  This way I can put any paper on the back and I have a lot of scraps of handmade paper that would work.  I still need to find the ceramic glaze to finish the back then I can attach a "bail" to the back and finish with a black cord or ribbon.

So much for the weekend and getting out to walk, today the rain is back and it's really coming down heavy.  Some pretty good puddles in the road on my way to work this morning.  Another dark and dreary rainy day.  But this is why everything is green here.  Can't really complain.  But a winter break to Cabo would be nice or Maui to see the Whales.

Since it is Wednesday and it's taken me a couple days to get this post finished I thought I might as well show you my workspace today.  You can join in WOYWW (What's on your workdesk Wednesday)  over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

This is my IKEA desk where I download pictures, scan and post to my blog.  Also create and print my cards.    And spend endless hours blog hopping and maybe play a game or two.  I'm a little obsessed with Mahjong. 

I'm also joining in for the first with Lissa's Walk and Click Wednesdays.  A refreshing new blog hop where I can share the pictures I take when I'm out walking.

Thanks for visiting.




Sarah Huizenga said...

The vibrance of the green moss is beautiful. Love your rain hat. I could use one of those, it has been raining non-stop here for a few days. Visiting from Walk and Click. So glad you are joining us and sharing your walks.

Barbara Shallue said...

Great photos and I'm glad you're joining Lissa's hop!

leekre said...

I love moss, I wish I had a house that had moss growing on it, loved your pendents great idea. Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog

Lissa Forbes said...

Cyndee, I've always loved moss and roots and gravitate toward taking pictures of the ground also. Your artwork is lovely, especially the gold foiled pendant. Wonderful! Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays!

Cathy H. said...

You had a lovely walk! Love the green moss we have lots of that in the woods behind our house! Your artwork is beautiful, I especially like the pendants!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thanks for bringing us on your walk!!! You have a nice little desk and everything looks so organized!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #12

Carol said...

I also am a big fan of moss - we get it here in Northern California. I think it's beautiful. Nice office.

Julia Dunnit said...

Is it more incorrect trivia in my brain that Seattle - well Washington is the wettest State in the Union? I do not know why I know this...but it means green and lush and tha tis a good thing!! Liking the tile treatment, what a grand idea.

Barbara said...

Wanted to hop back on here and tell you I love that framed tile and the small ones to be worn. Great ideas!

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